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In a global industry built by equal parts creative freedom and rigorous work schedules, any hair stylist worth their salt knows contribution to the style community and personal success is based on their ability to throw their hands and mind into the ring. It's more than a job for anyone that's earned their way to the top tier of hairdressing, and if anyone knows knows how far passion and determination can take you in an ever-evolving industry, it's Heather-Rae.

The styling seed was sown at an early age, but like all good things, the first steps into hair took time… and an unexpected career change. "I first decided to go into hairdressing after being laid off from Software Engineering in late 2004. I found myself always curious to hair design and make-up ever since I was a young girl. The career path into the beauty industry has always been beckoning me, and losing my previous job just made it that much clearer that it was time to take the risk and jump into a completely new field."

With natural talent and her determination to "get busy" and create a name for herself, Heather-Rae got to work and developed the tools and loyal clientele that's kept her focused on day-to-day work as well as her next professional adventure. She's earned spots in advanced education classes everywhere from NYC, LA, Barcelona, Denver and Chicago, with each experience moving her further up the beauty industry ladder. Staying updated with classes, tips and tricks from her favorite blogs and her daily work behind the chair helped push Heather Rae from simply "stylist" to Director Stylist and Director of Mens Education at a Chicago-based salon, Art+Science, as well as a spot on the national design team for MENSDEPT from 2011-2013. "I never want to feel static in my career," Heather-Rae says. "I need to be constantly challenged in order to feel like I've achieved something great. I like working hard if it's going to get me a great return either in happiness, success or creativity."

Ever-evolving, Heather-Rae relocated to Los Angeles in January 2013 desiring a new path in the hair industry. Soon after her move she started assisting several celebrity stylists represented by agencies such as Starworks, Rex, Atelier, and The Wall Group with editorial features in Elle, Vogue, V, Nylon, Vanity Fair and other prominent publications. The one most important thing she took away from her lessons was "less is more".  Working alongside these stylists, Heather Rae learned the ins and outs of editorial, video, and photo shoot production and quickly gained her own clientele. She is currently represented by the illustrious Rex Agency and also acts as a leading curator for one of the most well-known inspirational websites, Lost Hairdressers.

Not to neglect her duties behind the chair, Heather-Rae is currently splitting her time between 2 major US cities as well. Taking a week out of her busy schedule every other month, she caters to her loyal Chicago clients at TSUBO Salon delivering exceptional hair color and cuts.

As her portfolio builds, Heather Rae continues to flourish. There isn't an aspect of styling, platform education or editorial work that she isn't ready to conquer, and her philosophy is guaranteed to keep her ahead of the pack - "Try everything at least once. You'll either love it or learn from it."


In Spring 2014, Heather Rae reached a new goal by challenging herself to enter her very first North American competition - the What's Next Awards. The competition started with more than 660 entries--more than double the previous year's entries--and a lot of talent. The Sebastian team eventually chose four finalists for New Talent and four for the Professional category and then left the rest up to a panel of judges: Lauren Quick, MODERN SALON editor; Shay Dempsey, Sebastian Professional global art director; Christian Siriano, fashion designer; and Danny Lozada, the 2013 What's Next Awards Professional winner. Heather Rae was named one of the four Professional finalists and with her hard work and attention to detail, became the 2014 What's Next Awards Professional Winner and also became an honorary judge in the 2015 competition.


Knowing that her mission in life included much more than self-identifying only as a hair and makeup artist in a physical way, Heather-Rae started taking a more spiritual approach to her continuing education. As a longtime yoga habitué, she noticed how daily meditation and Kundalini Yoga increased her energy levels and boosted her overall mindset. Also, in adopting the California easy-breezy lifestyle, she realized life doesn't need to be a struggle AT ALL. She started to closely trust her intuitions and started making decisions that only brought her closer to her Higher Self. Her new healthier actions guided her on how to become a Life Coach as well as becoming certified as a Master Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. Reiki is the traditional Japanese method of energy healing. She now mentors other beauty professionals and has a growing Reiki practice named V(EYE)BES (pronounced "Vibes") in the Los Angeles area.