Skin Laundry

Believe it or not, most people can never quite guess my age right. “Tell me your secrets!”, they exclaim when I confess to being almost a decade older than the number they give me. “What do you use on your skin?!”, is always a statement I commonly hear. Today, I’m going to give you one of my most favorite kept secrets - Skin Laundry! There - the cat’s out of the bag now and you know what, I’m glad I’m sharing this with you. Keep reading to find out why I’m visiting my nearest Skin Laundry every 2 weeks.



Long story short - there was a spiritual transformation for me that very slowwwwly crept up on me in the last few years.  A sense of wondering what else what out there. Questions about how the universe worked. A knowing that we all had the ability to heal ourselves and others around us if we really focused our energy on it. After spending years reading books about meditation, past lives, quantum mechanics, and famous healers I was ready to take a baby step towards experiencing energy work. I began by attending Kundalini yoga classes. It was so profoundly different than the last 20 years of Vinyasa or Hatha classes I had been going to. Kundalini activated something inside me - my spirit. I left my first class feeling pure joy. Now I practice regularly at home with my own Kriyas. In Kundalini Yoga a kriya is a series of postures, breath, and sound that work toward a specific outcome. Practicing a kriya initiates a sequence of physical and mental changes that affect the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously. In that pure state, I was made aware that I use my hands to beautify people every day, so why not go even further and help heal those same people? 


Reiki is not a massage, nor is it based on a belief or suggestion and it has no affiliations with a religion or religious practice. Anyone can get Reiki! The goal is to get your mind and body in a positive state of health and to facilitate healing on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. The technique was developed in Japan and hinges on the belief that pain, illness and other negative conditions occur because spiritual energy pathways in the body are either disturbed or blocked. It makes so much sense right? I'm sure you've had plenty of these blocks. For instance, have you ever been angry at work and felt a headache coming on? Have you ever been dumped and feel like your heart is shriveling up with chest pains so bad you could barely breath? How about when you are stressed - do you get an irritable stomach? To put it lightly - when you have bad juju around you, it effects you! Why do we insist on carrying around these negative energies when letting go seems like the easier route? I think a majority of people wouldn't talk openly about this "woo-woo" stuff but 80% of the population believes in something bigger than us that we can't quite put our finger on. 

So, I began to train. I studied, I read, I practiced every single day. I continued my workshops until I attained my Master Reiki Teacher certificate. I do a fair amount of my Reiki practice via distance, which frequently prompts the question: "Does distance Reiki really work?" And since the answer is in fact yes, please allow me to explain how.

As a Master Reiki Teacher/Practitioner I receive many sacred symbols, one of which is the "distance symbol." When invoked and used by a Reiki practitioner, this symbol allows the practitioner to send healing Reiki energy across time and space.

This symbol can also be used in-person to help clear blockages from the past, or across large parts of the body. Similarly, it can be used to cleanse neighborhoods or geographic places. When practicing Reiki on someone who is not physically present, this symbol is used to connect to his or her energy.

Distance Reiki works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. As such, invoking this law during a distance Reiki session allows the practitioner to link an object to the energy field of the recipient. I typically use the recipient's photo along with a healing crystal. Distance Reiki provides just one of many ways to link to and channel this energy for the healing benefit of others.

I created V(EYE)BES, pronounced vibes, to be able to share my gift with the people who need it. And now, I'd love to be able to share it with you. For those who are interested in receiving Reiki, please contact me. I would love to help. 





I am so excited to announce that I will be teaming up with Riley Rose later this fall as a guest Influencer. Riley Rose is a new beauty store conceptualized by Linda and Esther Chang, daughters of the Forever 21 founders. The brand just opened its first store in L.A.'s Galleria mall, with a website launching this November and 10 more stores slated to open across the country before the end of the year.

The collection of beauty brands is quirky, with a lot of indies in the mix. Prices range from $3 for a sheet mask up to just over $50 for some skincare, though most seemed to be in the $10-to-$30 range. Quite a large section is dedicated to K-beauty: You can find Missha, Goodal, CosRX, Thank You Farmer, Tony Moly, and Huxley, to name just a few, as well as multiple sheet mask brands scattered all over the store. 

The hair section features Briogeo, R+Co, Living Proof, Gnarly Whale, and more. The makeup section has shelves with testers dedicated to Laura Geller, Stila, RMS, Lime Crime, Lottie London, Winky Lux, Korean brand Touch n Sol, and a small assortment from Surratt Beauty. At the ends of the makeup aisles, Riley Rose curates products in different themes, like glitter. There are natural brands scattered throughout the store, too, and a small section of bath products, including beautiful soaps from Mistral. Perfumes from Demeter, Pinrose, and Ded Cool and nail polish from Floss Gloss and Nails Inc. round out the beauty assortment.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for me on the Riley Rose Instagram to learn some helpful beauty tricks. 

My Favorite Tools: The DYSON Supersonic Blowdryer


I'll be totally honest with you. I don't blow dry my hair. Like, ever. Maybe twice a year when my good friend Eddie Cook, colorist at Mare Salon in Beverly Hills, graces me with new hand painted golden hues I get his bombshell blowout which lasts all week. But, in order to get my signature waves I have to air-dry my locks. As most of you know, my job is to whip up today's hottest trends in hair styles and I was curious about the DYSON Supersonic hairdryer since it's launch. 

For the sticker price of $399, the thing should reduce wrinkles and restore 20/20 eyesight in the bargain. And since I’m a saver, not a spender, I had to chat with a DYSON representative about getting a Pro discount. My criteria for this review? Time saved, ease of use, and the look and feel of the final product.

What I noticed first was the sleek, exxxxtremely lightweight body of the DYSON Supersonic. I remember my mouth dropped and an audible "Whoooooaaaaa!!!" came   out immediately after. I still love the design and I receive so many compliments on set when it's on my station. Did you know there's been no real new innovations in blowdryer technology in over 60 years?! Most dryers are HUGE because they need the space to fit their archaic oversized motors. DYSON not only shrunk their dryer by plenty, but it truly made it supersonic. How, you ask? This is because it is powered by a microprocessor and Dyson’s V9 digital motor. Combined with the air multiplier technology, it allows the high-velocity jet of air exits the amplified, tripling airflow and produces up to 110,000 revolutions per minute. The unit has 13 blades that are 27mm wide. All of this combined allows itself to be classified as ultrasonic.


Second, the ease of use is second to none. There are 4 buttons on the handle. One for the on/off function. Another for the cool shot which smooths hair cuticles to a glossy finish. The third and fourth buttons are to choose your fan speed and heat levels. The air jet, while extremely powerful at max speed and heat, still intuitively knows to protect your hair. WHOAAAA!  A glass bead thermometer measures the temperature 20 times per second and transmits the information to the microprocessor, which in turn controls the double-stacked heating element. I know! If your hair is very dry, this is quite a serious thing to take into consideration because heat damage is very real and does upset already dry or damaged hair.

I'd also have to include that the Supersonic comes with 3 different attachments that are magnetic which makes putting it on and off easy breezy. There are 2 nozzle concentrators of different sizes and a diffuser for those who prefer a more natural, textured/wavy blow-dry. My blowdryer also has an incredibly long power-cord, making it a total breeze to attach to your outlet. Plus, it's quiet! Who can beat that?

I’ve added in all the technical information because I think this gadget really is one for those who love all the techie stuff. Let’s face it, any hair dryer will dry your hair eventually, so the DYSON is going to appeal to those who like the streamlined look and all the current technologies.

Back to the matter of $399. Well, it’s first generation of its kind and that always means beginning at the top end. My personal feeling is that if DYSON tried to take this back from me, I would be prepared to wrestle quite hard with them! The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer would have to be a very considered purchase for most of us, but then, so were flat screen TVs back in the day and most of us have them now. Maybe knowing that the company offers a 2 year warranty and free return shipping would entice you even more. I have a feeling you'll own this dryer for the next decade to come.